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$340 for 5×60 Min Lessons – BEST VALUE LESSONS IN MELBOURNE!

Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit the VicRoads website to find the latest fees.

Most Western ,Northern and North Eastern metropolitan suburbs of Melbourne.

No, it is not mandatory for people over 21 years of age to fill out your log book.

You can take lessons from a fully licensed driver, eg: parents, family friends, etc however, the majority of the 120 hours should be with a qualified driving instructor.

The key to becoming a good driver is regular driving, to be patient and courteous, and respect of other road users around you.

Taking lessons continuously everyday with the same driving instructor will increase your chances of passing the drive test and learning all the good habits. It is important to have double sessions occasionally to improve your concentration level.

It is approximately 35 to 40 minutes.

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$340 for 5×60 Min Lessons – BEST VALUE LESSONS IN MELBOURNE!