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Finding a Driving Instructor in Tullamarine, Melbourne, Victoria

Learning to drive in Tullamarine can be the ultimate experience in dealing with traffic and road hazards of many kinds.

Melbourne International Airport is fed by the busy Tullamarine Fwy which also serves as a gateway into the city for commuters living in the outer north suburbs of Melbourne. By learning to drive in this area you will gain invaluable experience and guidance by our expert driving instructors as you navigate the local area.

Merging onto a freeway is something many seasoned drivers still get wrong and creates constant road hazards for drivers already on the freeway or following them. With Royal Driving School you will learn how to do it the right way and keep yourself and other freeway users safe.

With Royal Driving School, every student will get the required amount of experience to help them go for their VicRoads Drivers Test.

Learning to drive in Tullamarine includes experiencing:

  • Driving through busy intersections.
  • Sharing the road with many types of different vehicles.
  • Exiting and entering the freeway.
  • Learning to read and follow signs while operating the motor vehicle.
  • Driving through busy shopping centre car parks.
  • Understanding how to find different terminals at Melbourne International Airport.

Call us today on 0417 345 880 to start your journey to getting your licence, or use our online contact or booking forms. We are waiting for you!

Melbourne International Airport, Tullamarine - Gain experience dealing in a very busy area such as Melbourne International Airport, sharing the road with taxis, buses and service vehicles, as well as lots of pedestrians

Melbourne International Airport

Tullamarine Freeway - Learn to merge onto the busy Tullamarine Fwy which is a major feeder into the north west suburbs and our international airport

Tullamarine Fwy

Right next to Tullamarine is the busy Mickleham Rd of Gladstone Park, and its shopping centre

Nearby Gladstone Park, near Tullamarine